Saturday, February 12, 2011

RSS Spoiler Feeds :)

I use one website routinely to check for available Swag codes. I have found them to be accurate and efficient. They have many code "reporters" and get the codes up almost as soon as they are released. If you are not into doing all the "treasure-hunting" TSG sends you on for codes this is the site for you. Swag Code Spoiler! I will be adding an RSS app to the left side of the screen where you will be able to see the posts SC-S in real time (hopefully ;) These guys rock and have started their own Swagbucks style site that is rapidly taking off. Anyway, you don't need a million different sources, you just need SC-S!

Friday, February 11, 2011


So are Swagstakes the deal of the century or the digital equivalent of taking a lighter to your hard earned SB's?

I would venture to say that not only are Swagstakes a waste of time, but they are the single biggest waste of SB's possible. I've never understood lotteries in general, but when I first joined I thought SS's were a great way to earn additional SB's, it didn't work! As you can see from my profile on Swagbucks, I've bought over 40 SS entries and have not won one. If you happen to be the one blessed person out of a million who wins, good for you; if not, just keep in mind you helped a fellow Swaggernaut win an awesome prize for a great deal! (Yeah, that doesn't motivate me much either) ;)


Welcome to SwagBucksAwesomeness

Hi Blogospherites!

My name is Bob (no joke!) and I'm here to give you some of the tips and tracks of being a casual swag-bucker. In the following posts, I'll show you where to follow RSS feeds to never miss a swag code, give advice on completing offers, tips on recruiting your friends, and how to ensure you're not missing out on ways to get swag bucks. I hope that I can help you out.

'Tisbob ;)
If you're not on SwagBucks yet  read the next post; if you are already on look at the various other posts I'll be writing soon...
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